Home or Horizon: The Internal Struggle of Nepali Students Facing Brain Drain

Home or Horizon: The Internal Struggle of Nepali Students Facing Brain Drain

A Student's Perspective

The Brain Drain Trend

Brain Drain has been a concerning problem for Nepal. The main problem comes when a large mass of students are leaving the country and almost every student has a sole aim of leaving the country as soon as possible. It's a trend which if sustained in long run, will hamper the country's future for sure. There are tremendous reasons of brain drain among students. Some of them which I am currently able to think of, are as below:

  • Frustration and Disbelief towards government due to the instable political condition.

  • Backwardness in the educational system (i.e. non-practical educational approach).

  • Ambitious Goals.

  • Greater Opportunities.

  • Better financial future.

  • Following the crowd.

Personal Feeling of Dilemma

I have been feeling a sort of dilemma on choosing between the various paths of future. It's not only my problem but there are surely a lot students like me having a confusion to choose home or horizon. Having seeing someone going abroad from the circle daily, a slight feeling of loneliness lies within self. A lot of people go abroad for actual career development whereas a lot of people go as to study but actually to earn and live there. The dilemma even increases when none of classmates have a strong plan of being in the country. It's was difficult to choose between home or horizon in this dilemmma. Sometimes, I have a general feeling of trying for scholorship exams but then family and more other stuffs, including a feeling of doing something in the home country, pulls me back. This cycle has happened to me many times.

Abroad: Opportunities and Challenges

For me, there are a lot of things to be considered before choosing to go abroad because a lot of problems can be faced in the coming future that is uncertain.


  1. Bright academic career if student focuses properly and is far from financial pressure. A financially pressurized student is less likely to have a focus on career building.

  2. Better and high-paying job opportunities and experiences.

  3. Better lifestyle

  4. Personal Growth

  5. Language Proficiency

  6. Networking and Conections


  1. Homesickness

  2. Cultural Adjustment

  3. Language Barrier

  4. Financial Pressure

  5. Safety Concerns

Home: Opportunities and Challenges

Staying in Nepal for a brighter future may also be a risk or maynot be. It's all uncertain here in Nepal.


  1. Being in tough with family and society.

  2. Family and Social Support in hard or difficult times

  3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation (It's quite hard to initialize but it also has opportunity as the culture is still in initial phase and a person has first mover's advantage).

  4. Another opportunity is getting involved in country improvement objective and contribute to nation.


  1. National policies are very good in paper but when it comes to implementation, its totally a fail due to which a person trying to something different just gets trapped in the governmental process.

  2. Infrastructure, in our country, is lacking a lot.

  3. The educational system is a major challenge for students. Nepal's educational system can't produce manpower able to competer freely in the International Market.

  4. There are a lot of social issues in Nepal driving the public towards insecurity. The news headlines are filled with negative news such as rape, accident, murder, etc. This condition too discourages a person to live in this type of insecure country.

  5. When everyone of the friend circle and intellectual people leave the country, a person can't get strong team or environment of like minded people. Due to it's lacking, discouragement is seen.

Between these different aspects, a lot of students are experiencing difficulty in choosing the right option for their future. I am just representing to that whole mass of students with no proper and straight selection. Thank you for reading.

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